Information Privacy and Acceptable Use Policy

In order to continue to preserve family history and grow the resources available to family members, it is critical that those who supply personal information feel secure knowing they may do so without this information reaching the general public. This page outlines the privacy and acceptable use policy regarding the information of family members and how that information may be distributed.

Privacy Policy

To respect the privacy of family members, no biographical, pictorial, family tree, medical, or other personal information of living family members (of any surname) will be available to the general public. This also includes the digitized forms of official documents and email addresses (although some of these materials may be obtained from other public sources). This data may only be accessed by persons with a verifiable family link and through password-protected access.

To assist the genealogical community, the public portion of this site may provide a pedigree-style family tree, but only the surname and sex of living family members will be indicated, whereas full birth, death, marriage and immigration data (as it is known) will be shown for deceased family. This follows a convention similar to that employed by many public genealogical databases and keeps the identity of living members private.

To maintain this level of privacy, please do not share information found on this site with non-family members.

Acceptable Use

Information and media contained in the private section of this site (including audio, photos, video and the contents of Project Newsletters) may be subject to copyright and may not be redistributed or reposted to other services or organizations but may be copied for personal use.

Images and data in the public section of the site may be redistributed as long as the source is retained and displayed with its reuse. Unless indicated otherwise, the credit should read:

© The Origins Genealogy Project & Joseph W. Mann Jr at

Violations of this privacy and acceptable use policy may result, at minimum, in termination of access to this site and its services.